Preamble of the Syllabus:

This syllabus is the extension of the existing syllabus which is currently being taught to M.Sc. (Computer Science) of University of Pune for the last few years, but modified to be placed within the credit based system to be implemented from the academic year 2013-2014. However, there are few changes incorporated in the existing syllabus.

It is believed that the proposed changes as part of the credit based system will bring a qualitative change in the way M.Sc. (Computer Science) is taught, which will offer a more enriched learning experience. It aims to provide technology-oriented students with the knowledge and ability to develop creative solutions, and better understand the effects of future developments of computer systems and technology on people and society.

The syllabus is about developing skills to learn new technology, grasping the concepts and issues behind its use and the use of computers.



Salient Features of the Credit System:

    1. Master’s degree in Computer Science would be of 100 credits, where one credit course of theory will be of one clock hour per week running for 15 weeks and one credit for project course will consist of 15 of laboratory hours. Thus, each credit will be equivalent to 15 hours.
    2. Student will have to take admission and complete at least 75 credits incorporated in the syllabus structure of Computer Science. The remaining 25 credits can be chosen from courses offered by the other Departments subjects (other than Computer Science courses) of the College with credit system structure.
    3. Every student shall complete 100 credits in a minimum of four semesters. All Semesters will have 25 credits each.
    4. The student will be declared as failed if s/he does not pass in all credits within a total period of four years. After that such students will have to seek fresh admission as per admission rules prevailing at that time.
    5. Academic calendar showing dates of commencement and end of teaching, internal assessment tests and term end examination will be prepared and duly notified before commencement of each semester every year.
    6. Project course should not be greater than 10% of the total credits of the degree course. Project course is equivalent to 10 credits.

Instructions for the Students

The students seeking admission to M.Sc. Computer Science course is hereby informed that they are supposed to adhere to the following rules:

    1. A minimum of 75 % attendance for lectures / practical is the pre-requisite for grant of term.
    2. There shall be tutorial / practical / surprise test / home assignment / referencing of research papers / seminar / industrial visits as a part of internal assessment in each semester. The students are supposed to attend all the tests. The students should note that re-test will not be given to the student absent for the test/s.
    3. The students opting for dissertation course shall follow the rules framed for the same.


The candidate should have a B.Sc. degree with Computer Science as principal subject.




Admissions will be given as per the selection procedure / policies adopted by the respective college, in accordance with conditions laid down by the University of Pune. Reservation and relaxation will be as per the government rules.